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Bottled Olive Oil
Olive Oil

Top Best 21 Pure & Essential Oils Blend for Massage
                              MADE IN JAPAN

Luxury, Shiny, Healthy,  Prevents Hair Fall,  Fast Hair Growth OILS Blend.
Best Result in From 1 Day~6 Month or More
(1 day means your hair stop Falling)
"is every one needs"
it is Hana 15 Star Hair Growth Oil  

贅沢、ツヤ、ヘルシー、抜け毛防止、育毛オイルブレンドで3〜6ヶ月以上。 誰もが必要です。 「マネーバック保証」

Fastest Body Pain Relief Essential & Pure Massage Oils Blend That is Hana 21 Star.
Note: Effects within 1 hour as tested on many Peoples, best result found that some pain gone in hour, but old pains take some time, couples of day or week but sure for Body Pain Relieve.
it's working fine day by day. you will have best result in a week for old body pains.

ハナ21 スターボディペインリリーフオイルです。

Long Hair
About Us

I have been studding couples of years on Many Essential oils & Try finding  best use of many Blends, I Create 5 Products the 15 Star Hair Growth is look Great as well as 21 Star Pain Relieve / 6 Star Asthma Relieve / Hiro's 8 Star Male Health Blend,

Coming soon Hana 16 Star Wrinkles Remover Oil. *best Products.

Hana 15 Star Hair Growth Oil

Shiny/ Health/ Stronger, Prevent hair loss in 1 or 2 days, Fast Hair Growth Oil, Safe for Skin/Scalp Care Hair Oil, 
100% Guaranteed Product
"Money-back Guarantee" 
I was working on many oils from 2 years for Hair Protection as I was start losing My Hair , So finally I up grad 15 Pure & essential Oils to Create a safe to use/Healthy wonder full I decided to put on air as a business for every one suffering from Hair Loss. Just use a day or 2 your hair stop Fallen/Broken. You will feel Happy in couples of weeks when your hair protected by Hana 15 star hair oil. Hair Growth Result in 1~6 month. for sure

Shiny/ Health/ longer Hair,100% Pure & Essential Oils Blend.

抜け毛が始まって2年前からたくさんのオイルに取り組んでいたので、ついに15つのピュア&エッセンシャルオイルを選んで安全に使える/ヘルシーなワンダーフルオイルを作りました。 抜け毛に苦しむすべての人のためのビジネス。 1日か2日使用するだけで、髪の毛が落ちたり壊れたりします。 ハナ15スターヘアオイルで髪を保護すると、数週間で幸せな気分になります。


Why Hana 15/21/6 Star& Hiro's 8 Star Oils

We are using Top quality Pure & Essential OILS

なぜハナスターオイル?? なぜなら 

download (5).jpg
Tea Tree Oil

improves blood circulation and removes all toxins from the scalp, paving way for healthy hair growth. ... It prepares the hair and scalp to absorb nutrients efficiently, which helps in hair growth. To use tea tree oil as a hair growth treatment, mix it with any carrier oil like Coconut, Almond, or Sesame oil

アーモンドオイルは私たちが知っていることです:アーモンドオイルは髪を強くし、端が裂ける傾向を少なくすることができます。つまり、損傷した髪を失うことによって髪の成長が遅くなることはありません。 アーモンドオイルには、天然の抗酸化物質であるビタミンEが大量に含まれています。

Yamato Trading Co Ltd,
SHEIKH HIRO The Manufacturer

Made in Japan

How to use Hair oil

For  Women :

before sleep or after Bath(Hair Must be clean) 

1 tea spoon on your scalp. 1 Tea spoon for Rest of  the hairs

you can wash after 3/5 hours,

For  Man :

1 or 2 Tea spoon on the scalp & Hair. you can wash before bed so use hair oil at least 4/5 Hours.


           How to use Pain Relieve Body Massage oil.

Apply small quantity if pain on small Area of Body. Massage with hand 2~4 Minutes. 

pain will vanished almost in 1 hour. Long Time pain (Years) you need to use every day and 1 week or more, you will Start feel Batter with no Pain.

Avoid eye contact, in case you do then wash 

with soap & warm water if feel rashes or allergic.

Fastest Body Pain Reliever Essential & Pure Massage Oils Special BLEND have ever made.

Please remember:

Avoid Eyes Contact,

My study result shows that there is 


Aromatheapy Oils
Gourmet Olive Oil
Beautiful You ,Today ,Tomorrow
1st may.jpg

A Great Product I have Created in 2 Year Research, 

Best 15 Pure & essential Oils BLEND.

protect your Hair / Scalp /prevent Hair Fall  best Hair Growth from the day1~6Months  you start using Hana 15 Star Oil. 

Best 21 Star oil Remove your common Pain in 1 hour & Long time pain in couple of days to week or 2/3 weeks 




21 スターオイル あなたの一般的な痛みを1時間で取り除き、長時間の痛みを数日で取り除きます。

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